How to deal with being rejected when using online dating apps

Investing time and effort into a relationship makes us sometimes not want to let go when things end. However, finding a mate using online dating apps isn’t exactly like that. You’ll have to let go and move on, fast.


Rejection does happen

From the start, you will be provided with a bevy of choices for potential mates. The chances of finding a date are much higher using dating platform than that of traditional ways. But, rejection does happen, and being able to accept that may occur makes you ready and prevents frustration.

Saves you from heartache

Being rejected after making a connection while using online dating apps shouldn’t hurt. It actually saves you from further heartache or headache. If two people begin their relationship with slight issues, ideally, there should be no forcing through, as there are still a lot of other ‘fish in the ocean’ anyway.

Don’t take it personally

Trying to land a date using one of the mainstream online dating apps may turn out to be frustrating. You may get a reply that would be that of rejection as the person might be looking for someone a bit older. If that happens, take it with a grain of salt as the decision is not personal as the person had made up their mind even before you connected.

Due to location

One of the most common reasons why a person is rejected by a potential mate is because of their location. The potential mate would like to date someone who lives nearer and being subjected to a decision based on proximity must not cause any emotional pain.

When there is no reply 

There are times that you might try to reach out to someone by sending a message. After checking a few times, you may notice that you get no reply at all. Don’t take it to heart as the person might no longer be an active member of that online dating app.

The playing field

When you have a profile, it is among the thousands of others but the advantages are, your profile is not just there to be presented to one person. The playing field is large and though technology uses an algorithm for matching, you will still be continuously “offered” even if you are already messaging someone.

Quick decision-making 

Due to the multitude of potential mates, a person has the capacity to make decisions in less than a minute. Even if it is based on the profile picture, physical attraction is undeniably the basis of the decision. Physical attraction is important as that alone can brings about the spark of desire.

When you have the edge

To dig deeper and find out more about the person would be that of interest and to feed the curiosity. When a person is interested, then if you are the one selected, you already have the edge as you have met with the initial approval. If you get a message, you should take your time to decide before closing the door, as it might be worth your while to pursue the relationship.